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The story of my life.


The story of my life.

'In Touch' claiming Megan is pregnant with a Boy


In Touch Magazine is claiming a source has told them that Megan and Brian are expecting a boy. According to the article they found out earlier this month and are both really excited

The story has not been confirmed by Megan/Brian or their reps, last time around it was said by the Gossip mags Megan was pregnant with a Girl

Congratulations to Megan and Brian once again, I hope everything goes well.


September 18 - #LindsayLohan in SoHo, NYC


Selena Gomez looking gorgeous as she hits the red carpet at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards at the Barclays Center on Sunday (August 25) in Brooklyn, New York.
Credit to hollywood bulletin

Красавица она


Aqui pueden ver la reacción de Selena Gomez y Taylor Swift al Ver a Miley Cyrus!